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To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.
-Winston Churchill

An office revamp is a good idea. A creative office revamp is a great one! Why is it important? Well, taking Churchill's words as reference, a change in the office environment is a great motivator for work. How you may ask! It's known, that workforce and the work best define an office. These two factors intertwine to form what is known as 'work culture'. The culture in an office is deemed important by clients and employees alike while considering any business. And among many other factors, the office design and setup play a major role in crafting the work culture. A pleasant change in the office design peps up the employee morale. Taking this thought forward, we have listed some ideas and tips that can help you design or redesign your office.

Let the employees run the show

When you are planning to revamp your office, it's best to make your employees a part of it. This involvement is a disguised motivation and it also makes for interesting office interaction and activity. The excitement generated is an added benefit. What's more, you also a get a pool of creative ideas to choose from.

Start from the start

A well-designed reception has a positive impact on the perception of new clients and employees. You can have quotes from renowned achievers in your field of work framed at the reception. Framing them helps as you can change them regularly. Using humorous quotes is always recommended. You can also display your achievements, awards, and works in the waiting area in abstract styled glass shelves.

Theme of things

Having a theme helps in designing the offices. The theme need not, in any case, be relevant to the work in the office. An unrelated theme for your office is in a way of telling your employees and clients that your place of work is not just about work. For instance, a software company can take the theme of Hollywood movie posters or dialogues.

The art of being smart

When designing or redesigning your office, it is very important to plan the use of space well. Research shows that when given the flexibility to move around owing to more space, productivity is augmented and so is the quality of work. Also, games like Foosball or Table Tennis boards and innovative cardio machines which use less space act as great stress busters.

Every office provides a different platform to explore creative avenues. You could contact some of the best office interior designers in Bangalore before you decide to take up designing or redesigning your office. When looking to revamp your office do get in touch with us.

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