Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

Butterfly Clock

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Clocks are perhaps the most watched objects ever. And every home, office and retail space invariably has a clock on the wall, on a table, on a desk, or in a visible corner. There are different types and sizes of clocks - the Cuckoo Clock, the Grandfather's Clock, the usual wall clock, the clock with a pendulum, clocks with alarms, clocks which play music, clocks with lights, sundials, and talking clocks for the visually impaired. The point however is that no inhabited space can do without a clock. But how do you choose the right time piece for the space you live or work in?

Choosing a Clock

Choose a clock based on its aesthetic appeal and functionality. Ensure that it fits into the space without being too jarring or too subtle. Treat it as if you were choosing a piece of art for your home or office space, and choose a clock that matches harmoniously with the interiors, the wall colour, the table, and so on. If you are choosing a wall clock, make sure you find one that is fairly large and the time is easily visible from a few feet away. Go with your gut and make a choice! And while installing your clock on the wall, remember to place it at eye level so that you won't have to bend low or crane your neck to see the time.

Cleaning and Maintaining a Clock

Light it up
A Living room
Bring that wall out of boredom

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