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As a parent, you make many emotional decisions of treating your children as adults. Providing them a room of their own is one such decision. Giving them their own individual space is an essential step in their growth cycle. It is equally important to get your child's room right. The trick is to make the room interesting and enthralling by adding elements of fun, knowledge, and comfort.

Childhood is an activity-filled period. This age sees growth, learning, and a lot of recreation. So it becomes important that the room does justice to this effervescent stage of their life.

Here are some ideas that can be a part your checklist of essentials for your child's room -

Set the tone and shade

Colours play an important role in the overall aesthetic of your child's room. They can also impact the mood, emotional wellbeing, productivity, and behaviour. Hence, choosing the right colour for the room is fundamental. Adding soft and warm colours to the room help in creating a calm environment.

While choosing colours for your child's room the following psychological values of the colours can be of great help -


Often an underused colour, orange, induces socializing in children. It inspires them to communicate. Also, this warm colour is known to impart confidence and independence.


Yellow is known for its cheerful and energetic quality. It transmits optimism. A pale yellow background can aid concentration in kids.


The colour blue is renowned for its calm effect. It evokes a sense of comfort in the room, which is essential for kids. Also, it leads to a cool environment in the room.


Green is the colour of nature. It symbolizes health and wellbeing. Adding the colour in the room has a soothing effect. In addition to the above, you can also experiment with colours like pink, cream, and lavender for your kid's room.

Create a creative platform

Make your child's room as interactive as possible. Give it the right mix of learning and fun. A pinboard works wonder for the kids. It invites the young ones to build their creative skills and display it to their parents. Your appreciation then becomes the right encouragement. Also, the pinboard helps in enhancing their imagination.

Set up a study area with a small table and a mini library in your child's room. Fill the library with books from different genres including story books, comics, encyclopedias et al. to nourish your child's mind. This encourages the crucial reading habit at a tender age. Thus, making knowledge an essential part of your child's formative years.

Furnish with fun

Adding elements in your child's room to make each day interesting is important. At the same time, it is essential that the furniture is designed efficiently. Multi-pocket storage units are a must, as you can never predict when your child needs a forgotten toy. Smart utilization of space helps. Simply because every space is a playground for the child. Magnetic boards, mirrors, and light boxes on the storage units can help keep the creative juices flowing. A small sized rocking chair and a stool can make for pleasant experiences. Care should be taken to completely avoid sharp edges of all furniture in the room. The room should be well illuminated. Glow-in-the-dark stickers can keep them from getting afraid during the nights.

It is important to keep in mind that your child's tastes and preferences will change at a rapid pace. So, your kid's room interior designing should be done after consulting the best interior designers in Bangalore. They will ensure that the room is flexible in nature and will accommodate the future design requirements of your child.

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