A bit of beauty, and a bit of light!

Mirror Glass

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Mirrors reflect light, enhance space, enable clarity and also provide aesthetic appeal by being framed in a unique way. They add beauty and light to a space apart from the obvious use of reflecting the person. And, if you're planning the interior design for your home, we suggest you make the best and smart use of mirrors. While mirrors can be placed almost anywhere inside your home, it is important to place them at spaces that are safe, balanced, easy to look into and reflect light.

Brighten up your home

A mirror placed near a light source or a window gives the room more light and brightens up the room. You could place a lantern or a candle in front of a mirror after sundown for a magical atmosphere.

Place them right

It's important to place your mirror in the right places to make sure you don't have to crane your neck or bend too low to be able to look into it. Placing a mirror in between windows helps enhance the light that enters, while placing it near the entrance of your home or in a small room, makes the space look larger.

The look

Get a mirror that matches with the interiors of your home. There are several types, sizes and shapes you could choose from - mirrors with wooden frame, antique finish, metal frame, or ones without a frame.

Go ahead and experiment!

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Light it up

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